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LaVar Fires Back At Molly Qerim After "Switching Gears" Comments Goes Viral

(via NSS Magazine)

(via NSS Magazine)

ESPN literally banned LaVar Ball from public appearances after his comments on ESPN's First Take went viral last week. Following his son Lonzo's trade from the Lakers, the First Take crew brought him on the show to grill him with a series of questions.

In case you don't remember, Molly asked LaVar if they could "switch gears" to which Ball replied with "you can switch gears with me anytime." It was taken as a sexual innuendo on the show, and Mrs. Qerim was visibly uncomfortable with what was going on.

Of course, it sparked a lot of outrage at first, but looking back -- what was LaVar's real intent with the comments? Were they sexual? The Big Baller Father says no, and that it was ridiculous for Molly or anyone else to assume they were...

“I don’t even have to respond to that on the fact that I made no sexual intent or nothing,” Ball said. “Switch gears means change topics to me. Her mind [was] in the gutter if she thinking [of] something else.”

To be fair, LaVar has said the term in multiple other appearances before, and none of them seemed sexual at the time. There is no evidence to clearly say that Ball was referring to the term in a sexual way.

Nonetheless, this type of public mishap should be expected from LaVar -- whether he meant it or not. And maybe it would be in everybody's best interest if they just stopped putting him in front of the cameras for a while.