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League Executive Reveals Main Reason Why Kevin Durant Wants Out Of Golden State

(via Zagsblog)

(via Zagsblog)

In the wake of Kevin Durant's absence, the Golden State Warriors look revitalized. Steph, Klay, and even Draymond Green are putting on a display of dominance that has not been matched since their 2015 title win.

This crew is the one that started everything for the Warriors and even now, their place on the team is never questioned.

Plug in Kevin Durant, who is widely considered to be the second best player in the game, and things get a little complicated. Although the offense runs through him, and he is technically the team's best player, Steph Curry is the heart of that franchise, and he will always have control.

According to Steve Popper of Newsday, this could be the very reason why KD will depart from the team this July.

“But one front office executive said that Durant has been unhappy with the prodding from Steve Kerr and the feeling that he never can be — no matter how great he performs and how many individual honors he compiles — the centerpiece of a team that holds Steph Curry in the hearts of the franchise. In New York, where no stars reside right now, Durant would certainly be the star attraction as well as the player who picks his teammates.”

A player as good as Durant has never had to play the "second-fiddle" act he has been doing since his arrival in Oakland. He may be scoring points and earning trophies, but Durant is not really appreciated in Golden State, mostly because the team doesn't really need him.

Meanwhile, a team like the Knicks is desperate for even the slightest hint of star power. Come free agency this July, that will play a big factor in his decision.