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LeBron Compares Lance Stephenson's Antics To That Of A School Child In Game 4


The on-court "feud" between LeBron James and Lance Stephenson has reached unreal levels this postseason, seemingly picking up where they left off in their Eastern Conference Finals matchup in 2014 when LeBron played for the Heat.

Granted, we haven't seen something as hilarious as Lance blowing into LeBron's ear just yet -- we still have at least two games for it to happen though -- but that doesn't mean Lance hasn't proved to be a major annoyance to James on the court.

This was especially true in Game 4, a game which the Cavaliers ultimately won, as Lance was up in LeBron's grill all game. The two finally came to a head in the fourth quarter, when Stephenson decided to follow James to the Cavs bench after a timeout. Getting sick of Lance after 40-odd minutes of the same antics, LBJ pushed Lance off him, resulting in a technical for James.

The technical didn't prove to be crucial, as the Cavs came out four-point victors in the end, but James was asked about the technical after the game, and gave a pretty great analogy to explain Lance's actions.

Surely everyone's been in that situation at least once, right? Your friend next to you tells a funny joke during class, you laugh, and the teacher singles you out for punishment, not your friend who told the joke. Lance seems like the kind of dude who'd put you in that position, and will probably continue doing it to LeBron for the rest of the series.

Let's just pray we get another ear-blowing incident.