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LeBron: “ESPN Can’t Fire You RJ, You’re My Friend”



"The Last Dance" is an upcoming sports documentary about the '97-98 Chicago Bulls.

Many, including Richard Jefferson, are struggling to wait for its release. In a chat on the "Road Trippin'" podcast, RJ lightheartedly pleaded with ESPN to release the documentary.

“ESPN, I know I don’t wanna get fired, but release that sh--.”

LeBron James, who has been a close friend of RJ, made sure to speak up for him.

“ESPN can’t fire you. You’re my friend.”

LeBron obviously has a lot of pull in the sports world. While it may have been a joke, RJ's connection to LeBron likely gives him an advantage in the field. It's just the way it goes.

As a basketball star and global icon, his influence is strong -- and Richard Jefferson himself has made quite a career for himself as an NBA broadcaster and analyst.

Plus, what he said is how a lot of people are feeling. The NBA needs to release The Last Dance -- especially with world-wide quarantines in effect.