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LeBron Has Been Swept In The Finals Every Year He Hasn't Had This Teammate

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Another NBA season has finally finished, and yet again, LeBron James has suffered another Finals loss at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

Almost everyone predicted how the NBA season would end before the regular season even began back in October of 2017 despite the loss of Kyrie Irving to Boston in the offseason, as the Cavs were favorites to make the Finals out of the Eastern Conference, and rightfully so with LeBron James on their roster.

No one could have predicted how the Finals would have played out before the season began, however, as before Cleveland blew up half of their roster at the trade deadline, there was a good chance the Cavs could have at least stolen a game off the Warriors if everything went their way.

After the trade deadline, however, even when things did go the Cavs way, they somehow still found a way to lose, thanks to the terrible decision-making of J.R. Smith.

So here we are, mid-June, and LeBron's Finals record sits at 3-6, being swept for a second time in his career, the first coming in 2007 against the San Antonio Spurs during James' first Finals appearance.

What's something those two sweeps have in common? One of LeBron's favorite teammates over the course of his career, James Jones, wasn't on the roster alongside LeBron both times.

Jones and James played alongside each other all four years LeBron played in Miami, and when James moved back to Cleveland, he brought Jones with him, up until he decided to retire in 2017. And even though the pair lost their fair share of Finals series together, they never got swept while on the same team.

I guess James Jones' locker room presence and veteran insight really was that important.