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LeBron James Is Passing To Anthony Davis More Than Any Teammate He's Ever Had

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James has had the unique pleasure of playing with some exceptional players over the years. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving -- his list of teammates alone make quite a formidable bunch. His newest teammate, however, may be cut above the rest.

Not only is LeBron having one of the best statistical seasons of his career with Anthony Davis, but he's also looking to him a lot more than he has with anyone else. It may be his age or Davis' talent, but LeBron is leaning heavily on the Brow this season.

(via HoopsHype)

According to the available tracking data, 23.4 percent of his passes have been to Davis. James has averaged 2.5 assists per game to Davis, establishing a far better rhythm than any he has ever had with a big man.

“Through their first nine games," said ESPN's Brian Windhorst, "James had assisted Davis on 26 baskets, 10 more than any other teammate, per ESPN Stats & Information research. Compare that to his first nine games with [Chris] Bosh, when it was 17 assists, and his first nine with [Kevin] Love, which produced only 11. Their pick-and-rolls have resulted in the highlight dunks that fans love and a schematic nightmare for opposing coaches. And even though they sometimes are caught a little out of position, there’s a natural flow that’s easy to see.”

Anthony Davis is having a stellar year in L.A. so far, putting up averages of 24.5 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game on 47% shooting. And while Davis' status among LeBron's greatest teammates is arguable, there is no denying they he may be the most important element of this Lakers' team this season -- perhaps an even greater element then the King himself.