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LeBron Is The Most Liked Player In The League By Far, And The Players' Choice Awards Proves It


Despite all the online and media hate directed at LeBron James -- for his entire career it seems -- No. 23 isn't actually that bad of a guy.

Sure, after his move to the Miami Heat in 2011 which saw James team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, some of the criticism may have been justified. But even looking back at that four-year span, we were lucky enough to see perhaps one of the greatest NBA Finals games in NBA history in the form of the Game 6 of the 2013 Finals, as well as LeBron's best stretch of basketball.

Many fans will also point to the departure of Kyrie Irving as a reason to justify their hate for James, stating that LeBron is a terrible teammate to play alongside because when the team does good, LeBron takes all the credit, and when the team performs poorly, his teammates are thrown under the bus.

Well, according to every single players' choice awards held by the NBA Players Association, LeBron James is actually the most liked player in the entire league.

Courtesy of Reddit user oakled, every year the NBAPA has asked "What player do you wish was on your team?", LeBron has one every single time.

"The NBAPA began the players' choice awards in 2015. Every season since then except for 2018 they have asked players to vote for the player they wish was on their team. LeBron has won this award every year."

So despite all the vitriol circulating around in the media accusing LeBron of being bad for his lesser teammates and ruining team's futures, the reality is that LBJ is thought of extremely highly by almost every one of his peers.