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LeBron James Accepted A Challenge By A Young Player For A Shooting Contest

LeBron James Accepted A Challenge By A Young Player For A Shooting Contest

LeBron James is an all-time great who seems to have no end when it comes to his greatness. LeBron has been in the NBA for almost 2 decades, but is still playing at an incredibly high level and is one of the best players in the world. James has faced many opponents during his career and gotten the better of most, if not all of them.

NBA boasts some incredible athletes that could get the better of casual players outside the league. And oftentimes, we have even seen role players easily dominate players outside the NBA. But one young player skipped the queue and challenged one of the world's best players to a shootout.

James was in attendance for a game where a young player was taking shots. During halftime, the young player was taking shots to warm up and then asked whether LeBron James wanted to take part in a shooting contest, to which LeBron said yes instantly.

The two went shot for shot, with the young player putting on a solid shooting effort against LeBron James. But he eventually missed a shot, after which James made his shot to put the contest to bed. James won the contest and walked away to the stands to go back to watching the game.

NBA fans reacted to this interaction on Facebook. Most of them gave props to both LeBron and the young player. Many also applauded LeBron for not taking it easy on the young player, as it would make sure that he would improve and understand what it takes to be an elite player in the NBA.

Good stuff. I love how LeBron wasn't cutting him no slack. This kid will remember the day he went toe to toe with one of the world's greatest.

Gabe came a long way. I hope Indiana actually plays him.

LeBron That’s not the way you jump when you have a big man in front of you what is that just a little Bunnyhop just taking a jumpshot I’ll free-throw is that what that was from the three-point line that’s not the way you jump when there’s a big man in front of you no practice shots like that Please I’d love to come to your game or your practice and chirp

seems like the good stuff is hidden these days

LeBron has faults but KING James also has so many great accomplishments & involvements that tend to get buried from our main stream news broadcasting....

He gets to talk about how he had a shooting contest with bron for the rest of his life, priceless

He should have challenged Lebron to a free throw contest

He beat a high schooler..!!! Definitely the goat now

the kid challenged him and he just gladly accepted the kid’s wish. Stop crying.

and if he lost it’s gonna be he lost to a highschooler it’s not winning with bron haters

thought it was impressive all eyes on you.... you have a young kid just shooting for the hell of it. As a professional you can't miss one because that story line changes right..... I don't think your saying hes a goat but that's pressure just appreciate a good player damit you basketball fans are stupid......

This kid will remember this for the rest of his life

Kid will remember that forever, way to Lebron keep it up.

No easy to do that 3pts challenge even Step Curry could never deny.

I'd still cheer for the kid before ever cheering LeBron... I'm surprised LeBron didn't travel or flop in that entire video. He didn't even cry!

After that third 3 went in, kid looked over at Lebron to check if he was getting nervous yet much respect kid, much respect 

LeBron gave the young player a moment he will remember forever. And while he didn't win, there is absolutely no shame in losing to an NBA player, let alone one of the greatest players in NBA history. If anything, this shootout will teach him exactly the poise it takes to become a superstar in the NBA.

James interacting with young players and fans like this is truly a highlight. This is a way for LeBron to help mold the next generation of basketball players. Many of the younger players today look up to LeBron, and it shows in the way they play and approach the game.