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LeBron James Admits "It Would Be Great" To Have Carmelo Anthony On The Lakers


One name on LeBron James' Christmas list this year? 34-year-old Carmelo Anthony.

Despite being thrown out of two teams in 88 games, a skillset that has soured with age, and a very stubborn state-of-mind, LeBron James told ESPN's Rachel Nichols in an interview that he thinks it'd be great to have his banana-boat partner become his teammate this season.

Nichols: "The same night that you talked about Anthony Davis, you also said that 'obviously' you wanna play with Carmelo Anthony at some point in your career. What do you think it is like to be the general manager of a team you're on and wake up the next morning to all those quotes?"

James: "I don't know. I mean, listen, it's just my opinion. But it's not like I lit a fire in anybody's ass. It's just my opinion. People ask me questions, 'Hey, how do you feel ...' and you know, I think it would it be great to have Carmelo Anthony be on the Lakers. I believe Melo can still play the game. I believe I can help Melo. I know Melo better than Melo knows himself at times, and vice versa. So if the opportunity presents itself I would welcome it. That's what it all boils down to."

His comments about the Anthony Davis situation received a lot of backlashes, with some saying that it goes against current tampering regulations. The NBA took no action because he technically didn't break any rules.

Regardless, we have to give it to James for just being honest when being asked a question. Unlike what we'd normally see in these situations, he didn't hide his desire to suit up with his friend.

The bigger question is how well a LeBron/Carmelo partnership would work in Los Angeles. Things didn't work with Chris Paul, so there's no telling how it might work with LeBron. We'd like to believe that The King is capable, but we haven't seen anything to prove it.

In order to prove everyone wrong, they'll have to take the leap of faith and just do it.