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LeBron James Admits The Lakers' Biggest Issue Is Careless Turnovers: "Those Are The Ones That Get Us In Trouble."

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been a disappointing team this season, especially considering the amount of talent on their roster. They have clearly been unable to find a groove and go on a run. 

LeBron James has recently revealed the biggest issue for the Los Angeles Lakers, which is careless turnovers. He claimed that "attack turnovers" are fine, but added that the careless turnovers where there's "no reason" for them to happen are what often hurts the team.

There's a difference between careless turnovers and attack turnovers. We gotta cut down on the carless turnovers. The ones that are just unforced. We all have attack turnovers which is ok, we have a lot of attackers and we understand. But the careless turnovers where literally you just turn the ball over and there is no pressure and there's no reason for it.. those are the ones that get us in trouble.

There is no question that turnovers hurt every single team, and the fewer of them the better. Many fans will associate this with Russell Westbrook, and there have been plenty of people that have criticized him for turning the ball over at a high rate. With that being said, there have been others who have been guilty of this mistake on the roster, and the whole team needs to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Perhaps we see those unforced errors be less frequent for the Los Angeles Lakers going forward.

The Los Angeles Lakers have an uphill battle to get back towards the top of the standings. They have the hardest strength of schedule post-Christmas Day, and there is no doubt that good teams will punish them for those careless turnovers that LeBron James mentioned. Hopefully, though, we see the Lakers iron some things out and go on a winning run.