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LeBron James Admitts He Wanted Carmelo Anthony In L.A.



Carmelo Anthony is finally back in the NBA after agreeing to join the Portland Trail Blazers on a non-guaranteed deal.

Among the many reactions around the association, LeBron James provided one of the more interesting comments, basically admitting to the public that he wished his friend was a Laker instead.

“I think everyone had doubt. Including himself, probably,” James said when asked if he doubted whether Anthony would ever play in the NBA again, according to Harrison Faigen of SB Nation. “I always hoped that he would get an opportunity. When his name was brought up with us, I hoped that opportunity presented itself, as well. When we had our injuries I was hoping he could come be a part of here, and it didn’t happen for whatever reason. But I’m happy that he has the opportunity to go back and play the game that he loves to play.”

Melo and Bron are long-time friends, making up two of the members of the infamous "banana boat" crew including Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul. And while putting the friends together has not become a reality, it's always been something on the edge of our minds, especially with Carmelo's recent stint on the free-agent market.

With him in Portland, James will have to settle for playing against him for now.