LeBron James After 4th Straight Loss: "It's A Tough Stretch For Us, But This Won't Define Who We Will Be For The Rest Of The Season Or The Long Haul."

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(via Sportskeeda)

(via Sportskeeda)

The Los Angeles Lakers faced a big challenge against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, trying to get things back on track with a victory against the best team in the league. Well, none of that happened and the Jazz dominated the Lakers, held them to less than 85 points, getting a 25-point win against the current NBA champions.

This was the fourth straight loss to the Lakers, who haven't looked as sharp as they did at the start of the season. Anthony Davis is inactive and his absence has been more painful for the rest of the squad than they originally believed. However, they remain confident that things will get better sooner than later. LeBron James expressed that this bad moment won't define the Lakers' season and he's hopeful that they'll find their touch again.

"It's challenging for all of us, especially some of our young guys and some of our guys who haven't been in the position before where they need to do a little bit more than what they are asked to in a normal situation," James said.

"Everyone is speaking about AD [Davis], and that's obviously a big hit, but we also haven't had Dennis down this stretch too. He's a big piece of our puzzle as well. But it's always about staying confident, continuing to give my teammates the courage and confidence out there on the floor, and make plays. It's a tough stretch for us, but this won't define who we will be for the rest of the season."

Bron also gave some flowers to the Jazz, explaining that they're healthy and that allows them to do what they're doing right now. They are inspired and came out of the toughest part of their calendar winning seven games and losing only one, against the Los Angeles Clippers.

"They came back with the same roster, but what I noticed, more than anything, is that those guys are fully healthy," James told the media.

"Mike Conley is back to himself; you can see that with the way he's moving on the floor and it's trickled down to everyone else. They are playing some really good ball and are a really good team."

These teams are having very different realities but LeBron knows the Lakers have the players and the capacity to turn things around and recover their best form. They need to start getting some W's without AD or things will get more complicated for them.