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LeBron James After Defeating The Warriors: "I'm The Greatest Player Of All-Time"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

There is no doubt that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers achieved something huge four years ago, when they came back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals, beating the 73-9 Golden State Warriors to give the franchise its first NBA championship ever.

That was the first and only time that feat was achieved in the Finals, something that gave LeBron big clout in the league. It was such a big deal that the King himself considered that earned him the GOAT title over any other player in the world.

"That one right there made me the greatest player of all time," LeBron said during an interview with ESPN. "That's what I felt.

"I was super, super ecstatic to win one for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought. Like, I was ecstatic. The first wave of emotion when everybody saw me crying was for all 52 years, for everything in sports that had gone on in Cleveland. And then after I stopped, I was like, 'That one right there made you the greatest player of all time.'"

That year the Warriors had a terrific season, breaking the Chicago Bulls' NBA regular-season record of 72 wins and returning from a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder. When everything pointed out they were going to win it all when they had a 3-1 lead in the Finals, LeBron and his Cavs stood up and shocked the world.

"Everybody was like how they're the greatest team of all-time, they were the greatest team ever assembled," LeBron said. "And for us to come back, the way we came back in that fashion, I was like 'You did something special.' That was probably one of the only times in my career where I've felt, 'Oh, s***, you did something special." I haven't really had time to sit back and think, but that was the moment."

James won the FMVP that year after posting 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds and 8.9 assists, but to be fair, Kyrie Irving was the one who shot the last shot that gave the lead to the Cavs.

After that series, LeBron lost two Finals, getting swept in one of them. Maybe at that time, he had a good case, but it's not like 3-6 in the Finals will ever be better than 6-0. LeBron is great, no doubt about it, but it'll take some time before someone can surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time.