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LeBron James After His Hilarious Mistake In 2007: "I Didn't Go To College"

(via Lake Show Life)

(via Lake Show Life)

LeBron James has been drawing a lot of praise ever since he entered the league as the first overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft for all the things he can do on a basketball court.

Besides his durability, athleticism, and relentless work ethic, perhaps the thing that has always stand out the most about LeBron James is his basketball IQ and his intelligence to read game situations in real-time. He can literally breakdown an opposing team's defense, call out all their sets, and recreate a complete sequence in full detail like no other player or even analyst can do.

Then again, even the greatest and smartest players make mistakes from time to time, especially when they're not that experienced or used to being put in a situation, and not even LeBron James is the exception to that rule.

Back in the NBA playoffs in 2007, LeBron James was trying to speak up on how his coach gave the Cleveland Cavaliers' players all the freedom they needed to execute in the offensive end as long as they also got the job done and followed his instructions on the defensive side of the hardwood.

James stuttered and kind of went back-and-forth when he tried to explain what was going on through his mind, clearly talking faster than he wanted to. And when he realized that he was speaking nonsense, he couldn't help to laugh it up with the rest of the media and say that "he didn't go to college".

LeBron James made it to the NBA straight out from St. Vincent-St. Mary's high-school as NBA players weren't required to go to college for at least one year as they do nowadays, so we're going to give him a pass on this one.

At the end of the day, he didn't even need to get a degree, as he's now one of the wealthiest athletes to ever live and a successful businessman as well.