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LeBron James' Agent, Rich Paul, Responds To Nikola Jokic's MVP Win

Nikola Jokic Becomes First Reigning MVP To Not Get A Christmas Day Game Since NBA Began 5 Games On Christmas Day

Nikola Jokic made history this season, by becoming not only the lowest draft pick to win MVP, but also for becoming the first player in Nuggets history to win the award.

Needless to say, it was a big moment for the Joker, the Nuggets, and the NBA as a whole -- so it's no surprise that people all over social media have been sharing their appreciation for the Nuggets star.

Most recently, Rich Paul (NBA superagent) published a short Tweet about the Joker, talking about how his achievement proves that humility and hard work can lead to great success.

Jokic isn't your typical NBA star. He's a quiet and low-maintenance 41st pick who rose to the top by putting his head down, perfecting his craft and showing up to lead his team when they needed him most.

He doesn't seek the spotlight, doesn't make any sort of claim, and is about as humble as a man in his profession can get.

He really is an example for others to follow, and Rich Paul knows how special he is.

Whether he wins or loses in this NBA postseason, he's going to be a staple in this league for a long time, and we should appreciate all that he brings to the table.