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LeBron James Agrees With Teddy Bridgewater's Message Saying That He's Tired Of Football Players Pretending That They're A "Tough Guy" Or "Gangsta": "All Facts."

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LeBron James is well-known for being an athlete that is unafraid of speaking out on political and social issues when he deems it necessary. It seems as though he has once again elected to do so recently.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has recently spoken out against NFL players portraying themselves as a "tough guy" or "gangsta", telling kids to not "be fooled", while adding that they will still be accepted in their communities if they make "all the right decisions". LeBron James has agreed with Teddy Bridgewater's statement, saying that it's "all facts".

There is no doubt that this is a positive message from both LeBron James and Teddy Bridgewater. LeBron James has notably never gotten in trouble with the law. Notably, Charles Barkley once claimed that LeBron James managing to come into the league at 18 while managing to "live up to the hype" and not get in "a stitch of trouble" was one of the "greatest things" that he's ever seen.

I think LeBron James, he has accomplished the greatest thing I've probably ever seen in sports. I've said the before. For an 18 year old kid to come into the NBA, and he's the only one that's been very good at 18. Like as great as Kobe was, he struggled his first few years, Kevin Garnett, all those guys.

What LeBron James has done, to be 18 years old, come into The NBA, live up to the hype, never got into a stitch of trouble, is one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life.

LeBron James has generally been viewed as a great example for young players, and hopefully, we see people follow in his footsteps in the future. Generally, not getting in trouble with the law while in the league is a good thing.

As of now, LeBron James is likely focused on the next season with the Los Angeles Lakers. They had a poor year this season and missed the playoffs, but perhaps we'll see them come back better than ever for the 2022-23 season.