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LeBron James And Drake Sued For $10 Million By Former NBPA Executive Over 'Black Ice' Movie Rights

LeBron James And Drake Sued For $10 Million By Former NBPA Executive Over 'Black Ice' Movie Rights

LeBron James and his production company, SpringHill Company, have been on a great run of producing excellent sports-related movies. Their latest release was the Adam Sandler, and Juancho Hernangomez starred 'Hustle', a rags-to-riches film about someone making it into the NBA. 

One of their next projects is an ice hockey movie that rapper Drake will also be co-producing. However, the pair have faced a massive issue on the path to completing the film as a former NBPA Executive has sued LeBron and Drake by claiming he's the only one with the legal rights to produce a film about the Colored Hockey League that 'Black Ice' looks to delve into. 

Billy Hunter, former longtime head of the NBA Players Association and ex-federal prosecutor, is seeking a share of profits from the documentary as well as $10 million in damages, in an explosive complaint filed in Manhattan state Supreme Court that alleges he holds the exclusive legal rights to produce any film about the Colored Hockey League that existed from 1895 to the 1930s.

The documentary in question is entitled Black Ice which is based on a book of the same name. It sheds light on a segregated, Canada-based hockey league for black players. LeBron’s documentary was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Hubert Davis and is set to take part in the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10. (h/t ClutchPoints)

Will LeBron James And Drake Actually Go To Court?

It is hard to anticipate what legal fallout may come from this case for both men. If Hunter has a strong case, there is a very real chance that this case will move through the litigation process, requiring LeBron and Drake to participate in all legal activities to try and resolve the case.

The more likely outcome would be a possible settlement between the plaintiff and the 2 defendants in LeBron and Drake. This situation would be a major inconvenience to both considering their lifestyles, so they will look to move past this hiccup in the road as soon as possible.