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LeBron James And Kevin Durant On Criticism By Retired Players: "Them Old Heads Need To Go Enjoy Retirement."

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

Despite the growing popularity of the NBA and basketball as a sport worldwide, it seems to be a trend by ex-players to criticize the state of the game today and the players who are thriving in the current regime.

Whether it's about how "soft" the times have become or about how dependant the modern era has become on the three-pointer, there is really no shortage of gripes from old school players when it comes to today's NBA.

In the most recent example, Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal openly criticized Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell on live television, confessing his belief that the young star just "doesn't have what it takes" to be a big-time player.

But it didn't take long for other stars to come to Spida's defense, and that's exactly what Kevin Durant and LeBron James did in a post on Instagram.

O'Neal is just one of a list of retired players who seem to make hating on current athletes part of their routine.

And while many of their criticisms are fair, it can sometimes stretch a bit too far. For Durant and "King" James, it seems about that time for some of those "old heads" to stop the hate and enjoy their retirement.