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LeBron James And Kevin Durant's Rap Song From 2011 Has Finally Been Released


Yep, you heard right, it's true. Both LeBron James and Kevin Durant made a rap song back during the 2011 NBA lockout, and as expected, it’s not really up to scratch.

“It Ain't Easy" was released on Franky Wahoo’s Soundcloud profile eight days ago, and is already blowing up. The two best players in the league had this secret rap song hiding all this time, of course it's going to go viral.

The song just isn't good, and that's okay. Both their verses don't flow as well as established rappers, their rhymes are a bit iffy, and includes an overall dull beat that doesn't quite fit.

Although music isn't their thing, we can still give them props for trying. The talent between these guys are insane, and it makes up for it.

LeBron and the Lakers will now face Kevin Durant in the Western Conference this season, and it'll be a thrilling matchup to see.