LeBron James And Steph Curry Respond: "My Boss When He Sees We Haven't Posted Any LeBron, LaMelo, Or Steph Highlights Tonight."

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(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

The NBA is lucky enough to have an incredible and long list of star players, from James Harden to Damian Lillard, to Donovan Mitchell. Still, there is no doubt that Steph Cury and LeBron James are two of the NBA's most polarizing players. Perhaps nobody in league history has ever been a bigger draw than those two, and it really shows with how much coverage and attention they draw on a regular basis.

Of course, with both of them sidelined with injury, fans have been deprived of watching them do their thing on a nightly basis.

On Instagram, House of Highlights made a lighthearted joke about the whole thing, which caught the attention of James and Curry, who both took a second to laugh.

Yeah, there is no getting around the fact that the NBA feels different without LeBron and the Chef. Injuries have really taken a toll this season, and a number of the league's top players are missing time right now -- including Rookie of the Year frontrunner, LaMelo Ball.

It's certainly an interesting time, as the media and fans attempt to make-do without all these big names. It might even give some other guys some time to shine...