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LeBron James Apologizes To Kent Bazemore After He Kicks Him From His Seat And Leaves Him Hanging

LeBron James Apologies To Kent Bazemore After He Kicks Him From His Seat And Leaves Him Hanging

The 2021-22 NBA regular season is officially over now. Well, for the Los Angeles Lakers it was over a few weeks earlier since the team failed to qualify for not only the playoffs but also the play-in tournament as well.

After missing the playoffs, the Lakers finished the season with two back-to-back wins, albeit meaningless, but wins regardless. One of them was against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Moreover, with LeBron James recovering from an injury, it was evident that he wasn't part of the team's rotation in either of the games. James did grace fans with his presence on the sidelines in them though.

During the OKC game, James gave fans a hilarious moment. Yes, we are referring to the incident when LeBron arrived at the bench and made Kent Bazemore give up his seat. Additionally, the King also left Bazemore hanging.

Of course, the clip of the incident instantly went viral and soon reached LeBron. Following that, James apologized to his teammates in a hilarious manner on his Instagram story.

James wrote in his story, "Damn @KENNYBAZE my bad G!!"

Of course, LeBron didn't do that intentionally, and he apologized for that in a hilarious way. While this might have lightened the mood a bit among the Lakers camp, one cannot ignore the obvious issues that they faced this season.

After being knocked out of the playoffs, the Lakers have also reportedly decided to sack their head coach Frank Vogel after 3 years of service. So apart from building a fine roster next season, the team also needs to find a head coach to lead the team.

These recent incidents have led to fans questioning whether James and Anthony Davis can help the team win another championship? AD believes that he and James can do that task.

But can they really though? Guess we will find out when the new NBA season kicks off.