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LeBron James Blames Wine For Air-Balling A Free Throw: "When I Drink The Wine Goes From Straight Down To The Left Side Of My Body. Tonight, I Shot The Free Throw With My Right Hand So It Had Bad Side Effects."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

LeBron James starred in a very funny moment on Friday night, where he air-balled a free throw, earning a lot of jokes and criticism from fans. This is very unusual for James but being the best and most famous player in the NBA comes with this, whenever you made a mistake, people will make fun of you.

He knew that was bad and also joked about it after the game was over. The Lakers beat the Dallas Mavericks, 138-115, and LeBron's airball was forgotten. At least until he started talking with the media following the match. James blamed the wine for air balling that free throw. He has been an avid fan of the beverage but now it's apparently starting to hurt his game.

"What I told you the other night when I drink the wine goes from straight down to the left side of my body. Tonight, I shot the free throw with my right hand so it had bad side effects so I'mma see if I can drink some wine if I can shoot it to the right side of my body, maybe it'll help my free throw and it'll give me a little more strength to where it doesn't hit absolutely nothing so we'll see what happens. Maybe I have to drink upside down tonight, maybe vampire style."

Well, it looks like Bron had too much wine to drink. Fortunately, that didn't become a big problem for the Lakers and they easily beat Luka Doncic and the Mavericks. James will need to find an alternative to drink his wine and he's already looking for solutions.

The Lakers won their first game of the season, showing that they're ready to compete this season and defend their 2020 NBA championship.