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LeBron James Breaks NBA Record: Becomes The First Player Ever To Score Double Digits In 1,000 Straight Games

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

LeBron James is the only player in NBA history to have 1,000 straight games with 10+ points. During his game tonight against the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron scored 26 points cementing his place in history.

According to the NBA's official website, only two other players have really come close to James’ record: Michael Jordan with 866 games and Kareem Abdul Jabbar with 787. LeBron blows those two legends out of the water, a testament to his consistency, longevity, and scoring ability.

It seems fitting that the King celebrate his birthday with a momentous accomplishment. Turning 36 today the former high school standout is rolling into his 18th season in the league.

James’ Los Angeles Lakers are coming off winning an NBA Championship in the strangest season the league has ever seen. The Lakers won their ring in the NBA playoff bubble in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic following the death of one of the team’s biggest legends, Kobe Bryant.

Time is not going to slow down LeBron anytime soon, LA is the overwhelming favorite to win the NBA title this year as well. Alongside fellow superstar Anthony Davis, James has already shined in his “twilight years”.

While not the overpowering, dominant force he once was, LeBron has maintained his status as one of the top players in the league, coming in second MVP voting. While the nature of the award has made it less likely for someone like LeBron to win multiple times, James was the best player on the court when it mattered most, earning Finals MVP honors in 2020.