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LeBron James Calls For Help On Twitter To Recover Vintage Record Player: "Can Anyone In LA Help Me Out?"

LeBron James

LeBron James has had some spare time on his hands as he recovers from an abdominal strain that has kept him out for two weeks and counting. Since the four-time NBA champ has been unfit to take the court, he has spent more time on social media.

With how much technology is available and the several portable media players available, LeBron opted to relive the old days by recently acquiring a vintage record player. Unfortunately, James has no idea how to set it up and he took to Twitter to solicit help.

“Purchased this vintage record(vinyl) player for the crib! Absolutely love it but it needs to be restored! Can anyone in LA help me out? It’s called *Clairtone g2.”

With over 50 million followers on the social media platform, there's bound to be someone available to help, and he did, in fact, get several replies.

"Hey, my name is DC Hillier and I'm an authority on these stereos and restoring these rare stereos. That is a very nice example of a 1st gen G2 designed by Al Faux in 1966. I'd be happy to restore it for you. Get in touch:"

As expected, fans also took the opportunity to joke around, offering help even when they have no idea how to restore the player.

LeBron's call for help came a few hours before the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Chicago Bulls at Staples Center. It was a night filled with emotion for LBJ as he was excited to see Alex Caruso, who joined the Bulls in the 2021 NBA free agency. At the end of the game, he would have undoubtedly been upset, seeing as the Lakers lost by an 18-point margin and Anthony Davis got ejected late in the third quarter.

The return date for LeBron is still unknown, but it is clear that the Lakers need him desperately. They are on a 3-4 run since James was sidelined due to his abdominal strain.