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LeBron James Calls Out ESPN Report That Claims Lakers Have To 'Repair' Their Relationship With Him

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

When he left the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of 2018, LeBron James was leaving behind a team mired in dysfunction, losing, and an all-around toxic existence. While the Cavs have yet to re-make that identity, LeBron James has not yet fallen on better times in Los Angeles.

Instead, he is facing some scrutiny with the Lakers as well. Since his arrival, the franchise has been littered with trade rumors, negative media attention, awkward on-court chemistry, countless injuries to key players, struggles to stay afloat in the Western Conference, and Magic Johnson publicly stepping down as President of the team.

And now, as LeBron and the team watch the postseason from home, the narrative is saying that The King's relationship with the franchise needs repairing.

To most, it seems obvious to assume James is regretting his decision to join the Lakers. But according to LeBron himself, the notion that he is unhappy or that his relationship with the Lakers needs to be repaired is nothing but fake news.

LeBron is refusing to let the story spread that he is unhappy in Los Angeles.

Despite the failures and dysfunctions, he is showing to have no regrets about his decision to join the Lakers. We will see how long that feeling continues.