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LeBron James, Cavs, Must Overcome History If They Are To Win This Series


For LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, defeat at the hands of Boston is quickly creeping at their doorstep.

After tonight's loss, the team faces a 0-2 series hole, one in which they don't have homecourt advantage. Worse still, history has proven that the Celtics are good at closing things out when they're two games up... very good. In the history of the Celtics franchise, they're a perfect 37-0 in a best of seven series when taking a 2-0 lead.

So if the Cavs are going to beat them, they'll have to do something no other team in NBA history has ever done.

For The King, we say all things are possible. After all, he's broken records before. But this time, it seems like this may be too hard of a task for even him to accomplish.