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LeBron James Chimes In On The Red Vines Vs. Twizzlers Debate

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James is the subject of many debates regarding his place among the greatest players in the history of basketball. If he better than Mike? Than Kobe? Will one more Championship cement his legacy?

He recently gave his take, however, on a much more important conversation: Red Vines vs Twizzlers.

As LeBron James sat back and enjoyed his team's victory from the bench last Tuesday, he was seen enjoying a sweet red treat over on the sidelines. The clip got people thinking about which red candy was the best.

On Saturday night, the Lakers forward finally ended the debate by declaring his allegiance to the Twizzler brand.

You can imagine the disappointment and outcry from the Red Vines community.

There aren't many differences between Red Vines and their licorice rivals, it's honestly more a matter of geography. While Twizzlers can be found in virtually any candy store, Red Vines are a little bit harder to come across and are obviously more common in certain areas of the country/world.

We know where LeBron James stands in it all.