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LeBron James Clarifies His Message To Dwyane Wade About Signing With The Knicks


Last night's exchange between LeBron and Wade was special for a whole host of reasons.

Most notably, it's what we heard in an exchange between the two, where LeBron tells Wade that their final matchup had to take place either "here or The Garden." Obviously, this quote caught fire in the community, because folks assumed it meant he was considering signing with the Knicks this past summer.

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, that doesn't appear to be the case.

LeBron has since clarified his meaning behind the words, explaining that "he was referring to the venue itself," rather than playing for the famous New York franchise. According to James, only a place as big and bold as MSG or Staples would have been enough for the memorable reunion. He wasn't necessarily talking about the teams, however.

Sadly, this isn't the first bad news Knicks fans have had to bear recently. Besides having to swallow the fact that the team sucks again, they've had to hear several big-name stars reveal that the Knicks will not be amongst a team they'll consider signing with.

True, we figured LeBron probably wasn't going there anyway, but it's kind of disappointing that he never even considered them.