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LeBron James Coaching Malik Monk On The Sideline During Lakers vs. Spurs

LeBron James Coaching Malik Monk On The Sideline During Lakers vs. Spurs

Spending almost two decades in the league is something that not many players can do in the NBA. LeBron James has done it and throughout his career, he has achieved a lot. Apart from accolades, James has accumulated critical basketball knowledge over the years. 

Having him on your team must feel like playing with another coach. LeBron rarely takes a break, as he did in the game against the San Antonio Spurs. The Lakers superstar was apparently suffering discomfort in his ankle and decided to sit the game out.

Although he was not part of the team as a player, James was still present in the stadium to support his team. Apart from supporting them from the sidelines, James also dropped some of his wisdom on Malik Monk. Not as a player but as a "coach."

LBJ is considered one of the smartest players in the league and he is a veteran presence for the Lakers. Upon seeing this avatar of LeBron, many fans labeled him as "LeCoach."

Well, LeCoach's strategies worked as the Lakers had a pretty amazing game. They finished on the winning side with a score of 125-121. The stars of the match were Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. 

While fans have already got accustomed to AD putting up monster numbers in a Lakers jersey, it was the first time Westbrook looked like himself. He was added to the team in hopes of bolstering the team's chances of winning another NBA Championship.

To be completely honest, he was not playing like that, at least for the first few games. But now it seems like he has finally found his groove. NBA analyst Skip Bayless went as far as to say that the Lakers are now Russ' team.

That might be exaggerating things a bit. Till the day, LeBron James dons the purple and gold jersey, he will always remain the leader of the team.

Anyway, James should be back for the next game and hopefully, the Lakers play well with him on the court as well. It is still too soon for us, fans, to see LeBron become a full-time coach. He still has a few good years left in his tank for sure.