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LeBron James Comments On Being Reunited With J.R. Smith

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

The last time J.R. Smith and LeBron Jame shared the court as teammates, they were getting creamed in the NBA Finals. Though they won a Chip together, J.R.'s costly mistake in game one of that series damaged his reputation greatly.

Having since been exiled from the Cavs, Smith is being given a second chance by the Lakers, paving the way for an epic reunion between the two former teammates.

On Instagram, LeBronJames seemed stoked to be playing with Smith once again.

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

The Lakers brought in J.R. to replace Avery Bradley, who recently made the decision not to join the team in Orlando.

The hope is that Smith can provide the same thing he did for every other team he played for: shooting. Though a bit streaky at times, J.R. is among the best shooters in the league, having made almost 2,000 for his career on 37% efficiency.

This long-distance game will be essential for L.A. if they want to beat out the steep competition in the West.

As for Bron, he's been up to his usual antics this season -- even at 35-years-old. He's averaging 25.7 points, 10.6 assists, and 7.9 rebounds per game 49.8% shooting.

Needless to say, the Lakers are priming up for a serious title run -- it will be interesting to see if they can pull it off.