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LeBron James Comments On Carmelo Joining The Lakers


It’s no secret that Carmelo Anthony is looking for a new team.

With his short 10-game stint in Houston over, the 34-year old scoring forward finds himself on the market again.

This time, though, just finding a team will prove to be a challenge, thanks to the beating his reputation has taken these past few years.

It’s why he’ll likely look to his old friend LeBron James for help, and why the media has already asked The King if Melo might be on the way.

And when asked, James didn’t really provide much of a response.


I have no idea to be honest, that’s not a question to ask me. Right now, we have 15 rosters spots right? We don’t have a roster spot open right now so that’s not a question for myself.

True, Melo isn’t very good, and true, the Lakers would have to clear out a roster spot for him.

But LeBron making room for friends isn’t exactly a new idea. We saw him to the same in Cleveland, when he added Wade, and most recently in Los Angeles when he added newly released Tyson Chandler to the squad.

If Carmelo does come aboard, would it be to the Lakers’ benefit?

It is hard to say, but if anyone could bring the best out of him, it’s LeBron.