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LeBron James Comments On Lakers Win During Kobe Day: "Extremely Blessed And Honored."

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

It has been almost six months since the tragic death of Kobe Bean Bryant, but the world isn't even close to forgetting the long-lasting impact he has had on the NBA community, the city of Los Angeles, and the lives of countless individuals who have looked to him for inspiration.

But Kobe's legacy doesn't just touch the fans, it also touches the player. On the court today, in the Lakers' 20-point blowout over Portland, you could see that with the effort and intensity they displayed on the floor.

After the game, Bron shared a few words about what was on his mind:

"It's a wide range of emotions, extremely proud of my team the way we played tonight. Extremely blessed and honored to be able to play on 8/24 and continue to remember Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant and all the fallen people that was a part of that tragic incident."

James continued the conversation, using the moment to spread awareness about the tragic shooting in Milwaukee.

Clearly, James is on a mission that supersedes even basketball itself. And if there were ever a time to win a title, it would be now -- for Kobe, for Gigi, for all the folks who have suffered racial injustice.

Right now, it seems as though nobody can stop LeBron, least of all the Blazers.