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LeBron James Convinced The Referees That The Ball Came Off Lonzo Ball Instead Of Russell Westbrook

LeBron James Convinced The Referees The Ball Came Off Lonzo Ball Instead Of Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are not having the best of seasons this year. After winning three consecutive games, it felt like that they were back on track. But now, the purple and gold have lost two back-to-back games, with the latest one being against the Chicago Bulls.

In the 110-115 loss, it was a close fixture until DeMar DeRozan took over the fourth quarter and steered his team towards victory. For the Lakers, LeBron James once again had a stunning game as he scored 31 points, pulled down 14 rebounds, and dished out 6 assists.

While fans loved LeBron's great performance, it was something else that LBJ did that grabbed the attention of most fans. During the second quarter, LeBron threw a wild pass that touched the leg of Russell Westbrook and went out of bounds. Meaning that the Bulls should get the possession? Well, that is not what happened.

Right after the ball went out, LeBron ran towards the refs and convinced them that it was Lonzo Ball who touched the basketball not Russ. Surprisingly, James' complaint worked as the referees overturned their decision and granted the ball to the Lakers.

As it is clearly visible in the video above, the ball was quite far from Lonzo. But when arguably the best player in the world comes at you at full force, even the refs get startled.

Anyway, the Lakers might have gotten the possession on his occasion, as a whole, the night belonged to the Chicago Bulls. With DeMar DeRozan having another phenomenal performance against his hometown team, the Bulls are now 18-10. They are only behind Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets in the East.

Unfortunately, the Lakers are not in a comfortable position in their conference. After this defeat, the 2020 NBA champions have now dropped to seventh seed with a record of 16-15.

With each passing game, the troubles have only increased for the team. The Lakers need to figure out the issue this season and fix it before it's too late. On that note, one NBA analyst believes that the Lakers might trade Anthony Davis. Davis has not been himself this season and has received a lot of backlash from fans.

However, trading him might be an exaggeration. But who knows what the future has in store for AD and the Lakers?