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LeBron James Current All-Time Rankings Among NBA Legends Before The Age Of 35

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

At the age of 34, LeBron James is coming into the final stretch of his career in the NBA, although he’s not at his absolute peak at the moment, LeBron is still one of the greatest players in the league.

Taking a look at where LeBron currently ranks amongst players before they turn 35, the four-time MVP finds himself in an impressive position. In almost every category, LeBron James is ranked extremely high which shows just how well rounded the star athlete really is.

The statistics include both regular season and playoffs, based on the rakings, LeBron is shown to be one of the greatest offensive players of all time. The three-time champion leads in most points of players before turning 35 with an incredible 39,454 points, the next closest is Kobe Bryant with 37,257 points.

He also ranks on top with field goals made with 14,295 and isn’t far behind in assists either, sitting in third place behind John Stockton and Magic Johnson with 10,349 points.

Not only do these statistics and rankings show just how strong of a player LeBron is offensive through his shooting and passing, but it also shows just how well rounded he is through other categories such as rebounds, blocks and even minutes played.

Check out the full statistics below. All credits goes to redditor u/Ih8reposts.


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