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LeBron James' Daily Diet Is Ridiculous

Credit: HoopsNation

Credit: HoopsNation

LeBron James is 35 and is still ruling the NBA with his Los Angeles Lakers. Although last season he missed the playoffs as injuries took a toll on his body, the King remains the face of the league even at his 17th season in the association. He has a well-elaborated plan to maintain his body to go night in night out and get those W's for the Lakers.

He invests a lot of money on his body and his diet plays a big role in his performances every night. We've always wondered what elite athletes eat, and seeing the type of things Bron is doing right now, we want to know what he eats on a daily basis. Let's take a look at this insane diet. This is something not many people would try, but it's LeBron James we're talking about.

Bron's breakfast consists of egg white omelets, berries and yogurt, and some gluten-free pancakes. It could easily reach 629 calories. After he's done with breakfast, it is time for a snack, and Bron always picks fruits and protein powder.

His pre-game meal of around 425 calories includes veggies, whole-wheat pasta, and chicken breast. During mid games, James opts to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or go with some fruit.

After he's finished dominating rivals on the hardwoods, James usually drinks a protein shake. He can go with salads, too. Also, depending on his mood, he can let himself go and eat some fruity pebbles, his favorite cereal, or take a different route with filet mignon and lobster tail, or chicken Parmesan. To finish his day, Bron likes to have a glass of wine.

This man has the key to keep playing at the highest level of basketball despite his age. He is a beast and knowing how he treats her body is the best way to learn why he's become the great player that he is today. No wonder why he keeps ruling the association at 35, with 17 seasons on his back, taking the Lakers to be the best team in the league before the season was suspended.

LeBron eats like a king, but he balances his diet with workout and the results are just fine.