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LeBron James Finally Responds To Media Members And Haters That Have Attacked Him During His Career

LeBron James Finally Responds To Media Members And Haters That Have Attacked Him During His Career

LeBron James is one of the greatest players in NBA history, no doubt about it. However, as everybody that is bound for glory, the King has been criticized on more than one occasion, even more than necessary most of the time. He's now a 4x NBA champion and is looking to add at least two more titles with the purple and gold after signing a two-year, $85 million contract extension with the team last week.

During his career, James has taken a lot from people that dream about being him. Some media members and haters have attacked Bron ever since he made it to the league with the tag of 'The Chosen One' and 'The Next Big Thing'. Bron has exceeded the expectations and not even that is enough for some people that don't miss a chance to attack and play down all his accolades. Well, James has had enough of that and he went on a rant during a recent appearance on Road Trippin'.

“Just from people that really.. that the basketball world because there’s people on TV and there’s writers that write that people in the basketball world really listen to and they really believe,” James said, via TalkBasket. I’m not going to give any of those names on this show because they don’t deserve it. That continue to discredit or continue to not to understand what the drive that I put into it.

“They talk about these players ‘He doesn’t have that same drive as him’ or ‘He doesn’t have that same mentality as those if he did…’ and they see what I continue to accomplish. So it was a reassurance to myself. But it was also like to the naysayers and to the haters which will always be there even after I’m done playing.”

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James is tired of all the people that have attacked him during his career. After he won his fourth championship and FMVP award, the player asked people to give him, the franchise and the front office the respect they all deserve. He's still ruling the league 21 days away from turning 36 and LeBron hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. As long as he can, he will prove all his haters wrong.