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LeBron James Flexes With 4 NBA Championships In The Front Of His TV Setup

LeBron James Flexes With 4 NBA Championships In The Front Of His TV Setup

Even in his year 19 in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is in conversation to win the regular-season MVP. The King has insane longevity and can without a doubt go on to play for at least a few more seasons.

Throughout his time in the NBA, James has won a lot of accolades. Be it winning MVP trophies, All-Star honors, or simply helping his teams in winning NBA Championships. Speaking of his championships, LeBron has won four titles in his career.

By now most NBA fans are already aware of it, in case you aren't, he won two rings while playing for the Miami Heat. One with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his most recent one came when playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Apart from winning a lot, James has also earned a lot in his career as an NBA superstar. Moreover, he has a knack for investing in budding businesses, which has helped him increase his net worth multiple times over the years.

For someone of James' stature, it is quite easy for him to get a replica of the 4 NBA Championships that he has won in his career. Well, it seems like LBJ has done just that.

In a recent story on his Instagram account, James flaunted his amazing TV setup, and just in front of it were his 4 championship titles in full glory.

As visible in the above-attached image, LeBron seems to have quite a collection of books as well. There have been times when the 37-year-old has been captured while giving them a read before the games.

Apart from that, James was enjoying a glass of wine as he enjoyed the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.

Anyway, this is not the first time that fans have seen an NBA superstar flaunt their accolades. None other than the great Michael Jordan flexed once by flaunting the collections of his accolades in a video.

The only difference in these two instances is that LeBron is still an active player in the league. He has a chance at increasing his trophy collection. But to be completely honest, the way that the Lakers have been playing so far, it seems like a big dream rather than being a reality.