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LeBron James Foreshadows Strong Return With Instagram Post: "The Weatherman Says The Weather Is Changing Soon And It Predicts A Thunderstorm Is Coming."

via @kingjames

via @kingjames

It has been a strange time for the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James being out injured. The Los Angeles Lakers have tumbled down in the standings, and are currently 5th in the Western Conference. While LeBron James might still be out for a time, he is projected to return prior to the playoffs, allowing him to continue leading his team. Anthony Davis has also been out with injury, but he is slated to return soon as well.

LeBron James has recently shared an Instagram post that suggested that he and Anthony Davis could return soon, and things could turn around. LeBron James and Anthony Davis returning to the Lakers would certainly help them in the standings and would allow them to get back on the right path.

The weatherman says the weather is changing soon and it predicts a thunderstorm is coming. Folks prepare and take the proper caution measures to stay safe.

It seems as though we could see LeBron James on a court fairly soon. When Anthony Davis and LeBron James return, it could mean that the Lakers go on a run to end the season. This season has had a lot of stars fall to injury, and it is good to see that James and Davis could be on their way to recovery. What's important for the Los Angeles Lakers is the playoffs, and having them healthy in time is key. The Lakers' fortunes will change once LeBron James comes back: that much is close to certain.