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LeBron James Goes Off On Warriors Minority Owner Mark Stevens For Shoving Kyle Lowry On The Sidelines

(via International Business Times)

(via International Business Times)

The Warriors took more than one L in Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night. Besides going home with a literal defeat at the hands of Toronto, they also faced backlash for the behavior of one of their minority owners, Mark Stevens.

After chasing a loose ball, Raptors star Kyle Lowry went diving into the stands, to which he received an unnecessary and malicious shove from Stevens, who was sitting two seats over. Unsurprisingly, the video sparked outrage on the internet.

One of those to respond was LeBron James, who took to Instagram to express his disgust with the situation. Ultimately, the punishment was handed down. Stevens was given a one-year suspension from attending games and participating in team activities. He was also given a $500,000 fine. The league issued the following statement on the ordeal:

“A team representative must be held to the highest possible standard,” the league said in a statement. “The conduct of Golden State Warriors investor Mark Stevens last night was beyond unacceptable and has no place in our league.”

LeBron James still was not satisfied and insisted that not even the one-year ban was enough.

Usually, regular fans who act like this are prone to get a lifetime ban. This guy is a rich NBA owner, and most folks are using his status as a reason for his "light" sentence. What do you think? Does the league need to re-think their decision, or does the punishment fit the crime?