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LeBron James Had An Epic Response To A Fan That Had Asked Him Where Kyrie Irving Is: "At Your Mamma's House."

LeBron James Had An Epic Response To A Fan That Had Asked Him Where Kyrie Irving Is: "At Your Mamma's House."

Rumors continue to swirl around Kyrie Irving and his future with many questions about what the Brooklyn Nets star will do next. The Brooklyn Nets and Irving are not seeing eye to eye at the moment, something that has become a major cause of concern with Irving having the opportunity to test free agency should he choose to not exercise his player option for next season. 

As a consequence of this, Kevin Durant's future is also in doubt, and it's very hard to tell what will happen in the coming months. The team looking to profit from this though is the Los Angeles Lakers, who have emerged as the main team interested in acquiring Irving's services. And if that happens, then Irving will be rejoining LeBron James, who he won a championship alongside with the Cavaliers in 2016. 

Irving and James' relationship had its issues, with Kyrie eventually leaving Cleveland to go play in Boston and try to be the leader on his team. That situation ended poorly, but right after he left, many people were clowning on LeBron for losing his co-star. This led to one epic interaction between James and a fan in 2018 that has resurfaced now that James and Irving might be playing together again. 

Fan: "Hey LeBron, where's Kyrie?"

LeBron James: "At your mamma's house."

LeBron James was the main man in Cleveland by a long shot and it led to an odd dynamic between him and Irving, with Kyrie seemingly resenting the implications that James was like a father figure in his life. 

And while the two may not have any bad blood between them, the Irving of today is very different from who he was when he was part of the Cavaliers. Kyrie has become notorious for his lack of availability and his off-court issues, while the Lakers themselves are also struggling. Any potential move could work out, but it could also quickly turn into a nightmare for both Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.