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LeBron James Has Scored More Points In The Playoffs Than The Rest Of The Lakers Players Together

(via Essentially Sports)

(via Essentially Sports)

The Los Angeles Lakers will return to action next July 30, when they'll face the Los Angeles Clippers. The Purple and Gold are seen as one of the favorites to win the title this season and they have a big weapon to do so, LeBron James.

Bron has led his team to the Finals in eight of the last nine years, something that nobody has done before. When James goes in playoff mode, he's almost unstoppable. The Lakers are hoping to get that version of the King for the next three months trying to reach their goal and claim the NBA title for the first time in 10 years.

LeBron has a great supporting cast, but they'll need to step up once the NBA returns and the playoffs begin. There is a stat that either proves how great LeBron is, the inexperience of his teammates, or their roles in prior teams.

James has scored 6,911 points in the postseason. The rest of his the Lakers players have racked up 5,886 points in total. That's over 1000 points more for Bron.

Of course, his long playoff runs have something to do with that, but it's still remarkable to see the number of points James has scored only in the playoff.

He was dominating before the league entered hiatus and the Lakers are hopeful to see that version again. Bron is ready to win his 4th title and nobody knows that team is going to be able to stop him.