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LeBron James Has Surprisingly Never Won A Playoff Series At Staples Center Since Joining The Lakers

LeBron James Has Surprisingly Never Won A Playoff Series At Staples Center Since Joining The Lakers

When LeBron James lost the 2018 NBA Finals, most fans already knew that his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers was about to end. Although he was leaving the city of Cleveland, this time around he was not going to get immense hate for this decision. He delivered on his promise to bring a championship to the city and he gave his best to win one more ring.

But his opposition, the Golden State Warriors were a tad bit too much for him and the Cavs. Following the loss in 2018, James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

So far, James has done well with the Lakers as he has already won an NBA title in the 2019-20 NBA season. 

Reddit user u/Wiseman-burner pointed out a surprising stat that LBJ hasn't even won a single playoff series with the purple and gold at the Staples Center. 

In his first season, due to an elongated injury to James, the Lakers derailed in the second half of the season and failed to even qualify for the postseason.

Following that, the championship season, the Lakers went all the way. Not even a single playoff series win came on the Lakers' home court, the Staples Center.

Last season, due to an injury-riddled season, the Lakers barely made it to the playoffs and lost in the first round against the even Western Conference champions, the Phoenix Suns.

In the upcoming season, LeBron will be hoping to erase this stat off his resume. Furthermore, the franchise has built a great team around their superstar. Along with James, the roster has two other superstar caliber players in Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

Additionally, the superstar trio is surrounded by NBA vets who have a lot of experience under their belt.

If all goes well, the Lakers will breeze past the regular season and enter the postseason as a top seed in the conference. From that point on, James can try to win a playoff series at the Staples Center.

Currently, the purple and gold are tied for most NBA championships in league history with the Boston Celtics. Can they take the lead over their long-time rivals? We will find out in the 2021-22 NBA season.