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LeBron James Has The Most Turnovers In NBA History

(via KTLA)

(via KTLA)

Lakers star LeBron James has broken countless records over the course of his 17-year career. As a 16x All-Star, 16x All-NBA player, and 4x NBA Champion, there is no questioning his place in basketball history.

But on Friday night, James broke another NBA record -- except this time, it wasn't the good kind.

With five turnovers last night, LeBron became the leader in league history for turnovers, with 4,525. On Twitter, fans were having fun flaming him for the milestone...

Obviously, breaking the All-Time turnover record is not a good thing, but it's easily explainable with context.

As a high usage player, with over 17 seasons of experience under his belt, it's really no surprise that he has racked up his turnover total. In fact, we can probably expect it to go up pretty significantly over the next few years.

Still, it won't do much to change all the good things LeBron has done over the years.