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LeBron James' Hilarious Reaction To Carmelo Anthony Criticizing The Pistons' Fog Machine

LeBron James' Hilarious Reaction To Carmelo Anthony Criticizing Pistons' Fog Machine

LeBron James couldn't help but laugh after Carmelo Anthony criticized the Detroit Pistons and their now infamous fog machine. Melo isn't afraid of speaking his mind and even on social media, the future Hall of Famer takes his time to express his opinion about anything you can think of.

However, things took a weird turn on Thursday, when the player decided to call out the Detroit Pistons for their machine. He shared two pics of himself on Twitter, making an odd face, showing his reaction to the Pistons using the unit.

That was incredibly funny and if you watched Melo's face, things were a lot funnier. Everybody reacted to that, including LeBron, who had the same reaction as fans when he saw his good friends taking things too personally with Detroit.

Melo and the Pistons have a history together. They passed on the player in the incredible 2003 NBA draft; instead, they went with Darko Milicic and Melo was drafted by the Denver Nuggets. A lot of people believe that should the Pistons had drafted Anthony, they would have won one or two more titles in the 2000s.

Well, none of that happened and now their reality is very different, with Melo not missing a chance to diss them. But hey, the fog machine is a classic in Detroit so respect the classics, Melo.