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LeBron James Hilariously Starts Crying After Fan Called Him 'A Big Baby'


LeBron James once again showed he's one of the funniest players in the NBA when he took a joke and 'went with it' before the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night. 

At some point, the King was alone on the court, apparently trying to make some soccer tricks with the basketball and one fan saw their chance to bash the 4x NBA champion and took it.

"LeBron, you're a big baby," somebody yelled at LeBron, who was ready to reply. 

The King took a couple of seconds before he identified the heckler and started crying to mock them. This is not the first time Bron is the victim of hecklers. You just can't forget about 'Courtside Karen' and all the trouble she caused back in February.

It was a very funny sequence of James showing he can actually take a joke. He must be one of the three most polarizing players in the league and even though he's constantly getting hate from fans, the Lakers superstar hardly ever has been affected by that. 

NBA fans reacted to this, some praising Bron, others agreeing with the fan and the rest taking their opportunity to troll. 

The King is still sidelined after suffering a high ankle sprain last month. Things haven't been easy for the Lakers ever since that happened but they're hoping to improve their level now that Anthony Davis is back with the team. 

AD recently asked the team to step up and start playing better or it would be hard for the Lakers in the last stretch of the season. Bron's working on his return but no timetable has been revealed yet.