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LeBron James Honors Breonna Taylor On His Game-Worn Nike Kicks

(via Twitter/NickDePaula)

(via Twitter/NickDePaula)

As one of the best ballplayers on the planet and the face of the NBA, LeBron James has made it his personal mission to stand up for social justice and racial equality. Whether it's giving back to the community, being a voice for those who feel oppressed, or speaking out against the persecutors, LeBron is no stranger to promoting and instilling change in our culture.

And, in honor of his first game back to the court since the NBA's hiatus, he delivered a special message dedicated to Breonna Taylor and her family.

LeBron is just one of many to voice support for Taylor, an emergency medical technician who was tragically shot eight times in her home by the Louisville Metro Police Department. As of today, no charges have been filed against any of the officers involved.

Needless to say, these issues have been brought to light lately as part of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.

Of course, this isn't the first time Bron has publicly supported the Black community, but it is the first since the George Flloyd protests gained national attention. Clearly, he has no doubts about which side he wants to represent.

It makes you wonder who else around the NBA will be doing the same...