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LeBron James: 'I Need A Vino Drinking Partner!'

Credit: MCT

Credit: MCT

We’re living some crazy times, as the coronavirus has stopped the world, the NBA included. Everybody is trying to get the best out of this situation, but it’s pretty easy to get bored, even when you have all the entertainment of the world in front of you.

That happens a lot to us, but now we’ve learned that even the NBA superstars found themselves looking for new things to get distracted. It’s well known that social distancing is one of the things we need to do to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus, but it looks like LeBron James having a hard time trying to do so.

The King has shown his love for wine in the past, and now he’s looking for a drinking partner. Bron took to Twitter to express his desire, with fans offering their company to the Los Angeles Lakers star.

This has been a common thing for James, who hasn’t missed an opportunity to show his love for this drink.

He has even arrived at games drinking wine, so you know how important this is for him.

It’s very hard to think about it right now, but imagine spending your quarantine drinking wine with none other than LeBron James.