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LeBron James: “I’m Confident” That Superstars Want To Join Me

Credit: USA Sports Today

Credit: USA Sports Today

The Los Angeles Lakers will look to make a splash in free agency this summer after another disappointing season, and LeBron James is confident that other superstars will want to join forces with him in the Purple and Gold.

The Lakers have room to sign one more player to a max contract to complete the super team around LeBron, and the team will most likely aim for Anthony Davis more than any other player.

It was rumored that stars did not want to play for the Lakers because they crumbled into oblivion this season and also because of the inescapable drama that comes with LeBron James. However, LeBron is confident that they will still join him in LA, per Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck.

“They got me. I’m very confident. And I’m confident that players want to play with me. I’m very confident in that.”

LeBron is not shy about desiring another superstar to play on the team, and believes upper management should be on it right away in this statement:

“It’s very critical to me and my future. And I’m positive and very optimistic that Magic and Rob and the franchise will be great.”

LeBron’s career is coming to an end, but he will have one more chance with the Lakers to win his fourth NBA championship. The quest to a fourth and final championship starts with the Lakers front office acquiring superstar players, and that begins with star players’ desire to play in Los Angeles.