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'LeBron James In The NBA Playoffs Over The Past Decade Is Totally Nuts', Says Shea Serrano

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When you talk about domination in the NBA, you need to talk about LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has done nothing but dominate during the last decade. 

You can say he was beaten in the Finals five times, but he made it to that stage on nine occasions, which is a lot to think about even for entire franchises. So having LeBron on your team automatically means NBA Finals participation. 

Last year, Twitter personality Shea Serrano explained how successful LeBron has been. During the 2010s, the 4x NBA champion only missed the Finals one season due to injuries that prevented him from leading a young Lakers team to the postseason. Other than that, he's been in the Finals every single year.

After years of domination in the Eastern Conference, the King took his talents to Southern California, winning one NBA championship in his second season with the purple and gold. Of course, you can say he needs another superstar to reach his goal but LeBron knows how to win and take teams to the promised land. 

This is the biggest reason why nobody should be comfortable knowing that the Lakers are in the play-in tournament to clinch a playoffs berth. As long as they have LeBron, they will be contenders, and that's simply scary for rivals. 

The journey will have more obstacles this season, but the Lakers know their dynamic duo will be a threat for the rest of the league. LeBron is rested and ready to activate his playoffs mode; knowing how well he's fared in the postseason, many people should be concerned about these Lakers.