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LeBron James Is Coaching A Kid Who Is Somehow Taller Than Him


LeBron James is known to be one of the most physically dominant players in the NBA. His strength and athleticism lets him power through opponents with ease. However, he doesn't look so tough against this child.

LeBron was on the sidelines helping coach his son Bronny and the North Coast Blue Chips when a photo was taken of LeBron standing next to one of Bronny’s teammates, Jahzare Jackson, who's bigger than LeBron. Now, LeBron is currently listed at 6 ft 8, 270 pounds, which is pretty big for his height. That means Jahzare would have to be 6 foot 8-9 and around the same weight as LeBron. That's is insane. A child in the 7th grade has an NBA-ready body. This clip by Overtime shows how crazy this really is.

Jahzare is 13 years-old standing at 6'9. He is a complete force in the key. No one is even remotely close to his height in his league. Bronny, being a great playmaker like his dad, would have a lot of fun dishing the ball inside to Jahzare. There is even a video clip made by MshTV of his highlights. As you would guess, it's Jahzare pummelling through bodies and using his size to advantage. He is even a left-hander, which would throw some defenders off at first.

Jahzare is an NBA prodigy and if he keeps developing at his current rate, he could become a future prospect come 2023. With LeBron signing with the Lakers long-term, it was considered a choice made for his family, to help his son Bronny become the next NBA superstar of the #JamesGang.